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What We Do

At Cortextual AI, a startup based in Florida, USA, we specialize in developing innovative AI-driven products. Our focus is on crafting creative solutions that not only address real-world challenges but also inspire. As a team passionate about the potential of artificial intelligence, we aim to blend technology with creativity, offering a range of products that enhance efficiency and spark imagination across various industries.

Our Products

Transform Your Selfie into a Professional Headshot! Elevate your professional image in seconds by turning everyday selfies into high-quality, LinkedIn-ready photos. Stand out in the digital crowd with ease and confidence.

Cortextual AI Myworkphoto Demo

Upload cherished photos and create personalized videos for life’s special moments. Share the joy with stunning creations, perfect for birthdays, holidays and anything in between.

Cortextual AI Mybestwishes Demo

Stand out effortlessly. Instantly transform your everyday pictures into eye-catching, confident shots that highlight your best self.

Cortextual MyFitPhoto Demo

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